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Earl Haig’s Peer Tutoring is a program created and run by students, with the aim of connecting those interested in tutoring with those in need of tutoring. It offers both paired and drop-in tutoring for tutees and volunteer hours and training/certification for tutors.


This year we will be using 



Mon to Fri 
3:30pm 8:00pm

Learn more about Peer Tutoring

Know you could be doing so much better in school? Want to ask questions regarding homework or upcoming tests?

Then join Peer Tutoring!

Peer Tutoring is a club at Earl Haig that helps students reach their full potential through guidance and trusted resources.

You can even get volunteer hours as a tutor!

All you need to do to become a tutor or to get tutored is to visit the APPLY page.

We reserve the right to re-pair students as needed, or as we see fit.